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2014 TOTAL 210
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Station 27

2 N. Main Street | PO Box 315
Sellersville, Bucks County, PA 18960

Business: 215.257.4028 | Emergencies: 911


Hoagie Sale

Back By Popular Demand!

We have been fielding numerous questions about our hoagie sales that we’ve held in the past. More specifically, people have been asking, “When are you going to do them again?”

We can now answer that question. Friday, September 5, 2014.  

Pre-orders are accepted, but NOT required. You can print out the order form, and fill it in with want you want (feel free to take it around to your neighbors & friends, too.) The completed form, along with payment, can be given to any department member, or auxiliary member. Also, it can be dropped off at the fire house on any Tuesday evening, or at our weekly bingo on Thursday evening by Tuesday, September 2.




Our annual carnival is a few weeks away, but it will be here soon! We’ve begun setting up our kitchen area where you can get burgers, fries, pizza and waffles & ice cream sandwiches. Soon we’ll set the food trailer in place so we can serve cheesesteaks, sausage sandwiches, and the ever-popular funnel cakes!



Smoke in the Area

Engine companies 27 and 26 were dispatched to the area of the Pizza Pub for a report of smoke in the area. Deputy 26 went on scene and found the source to be coming from a large brush pile next to the Roy Ann Diner. The assignment was held to Station 27 apparatus.



Large Brush Fire

Engine 27-1 and Engine 26 were dispatched to the 2500 Block of Old Bethlehem Pike in West Rockhill Township for a report of a brush fire in the caller’s back yard. The 2 Engine’s went on scene to find a large brush fire that was burning further into the woods. Squirt 18 and Tankers 58 and 58-1 were called to assist to help extinguish the fire and for additional water.


Engine Covers Telford

At 1146 hours Engine 27-1 was called to cover the Telford Fire Company while they were operating on a working house fire a short distance from their firehouse. Engine 27-1 was covering with Ladder 17 (Hatfield) and were at Station 75 for a little over an hour before being released.




Vehicle Well Off

At 1753 hours, Engine 27-1 and Montgomery Squad 75 were initially dispatched to Northbound Route 309 South of the Telford exit for a report of a vehicle fire. Deputy 75 was in the reported area with nothing in evidence, while Assistant 27 and Battalion 27-1 continued North to eventually find the vehicle at mile marker 26.5 that was well involved. Engine 27-1 was the first to arrive and stretched a line to begin to extinguish the fire. Squad 75 arrived soon after and used their foam line to finish extinguishing the fire. 

Both Stations fire police were on scene to close Northbound 309 for scene safety. 



Smoke Filled Office

At 1707 hours, Station 27 was dispatched for a fire alarm at the Summit Building in West Rockhill Township. Chief and Deputy 27 went on location to find an office building that was filled with smoke and with cleaners on location. The source was found to be a rag and coffee pot on top of the stove that was accidentally turned on. Engine 27-1 arrived and had its crew split to go to the interior to check for extension and set up positive pressure venilation with the assistance of the Tower’s crew.  


Struck Gas Line

For the second call of the day, Station 27 and Rescue 26 were dispatched to the intersection of Bethlehem Pike and Mill Road for the report of a gas leak.  Chief 27 (Brennan) arrived to find that a 4” gas line was ruptured due to construction and established Rockhill Command. UGI was already on scene and addressing the leak. Engine 27-1 arrived and staged on Bethlehem Pike at the hydrant and Rescue 26 staged at the hydrant on Mill Road. UGI had already evacuated surrounding buildings and the natural gas levels in other buildings was monitored throughout the call. A few hours later, UGI was able to dig on the opposite side of the intersection and were able to shut off the flow of gas to the ruptured pipe.