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The Sellersville Fire Company No. 1 was organized in June 1888 with the first officers being President and Chief Charles N. Cressman and Secretary Charles F. Jacoby.

Four months after the company was organized, in September of 1888, calls from outside the Borough of Sellersville were numerous. A resolution was passed: “this company will agree to answer calls from outside the Borough limits, but it will cost the caller $150.00, of which $75.00 will be for the fire company and $75.00 for the Borough.” This resolution has been rescinded, of course, and today the Sellersville Fire Department serves the Borough of Sellersville and parts of West Rockhill Township, East Rockhill Township, and Hilltown Township. The Sellersville Fire Department enjoys a great Friendship and working relationship with area fire companies such as Perkasie, Silverdale, Dublin, Tylersport, Telford, Souderton, Quakertown, Trumbauersville, and other area companies.

With a magnificent history of sacrifice and service, there have been many important dates in the life of the company:

1888 - On June 7, Sellersville Volunteer Fire Company, No.1, was organized.

1900 - Sellersville Borough Council voted $50.00 to be used for the purchase of firefighting equipment. This followed the Council’s purchase of a hose cart and hand pumper in 1892 and followed on the heels of water mains to service the borough in 1896.

1901 - On May 20, Sellersville Volunteer Fire Company, No.1, was incorporated.

1904 -A Charter was granted on May 20, 1904 - with a new type of mechanical alarm system.

1908 - During January 1908 the fire company attended church services in a body for the first time, and this practice has followed every year since that time. The Firemen’s Parade marked the 20th anniversary of the company.

1909 - A Ladies Auxiliary was formed and granted use of the meeting room.

1911 - On April 6, South Sellersville or “Jersey” organized Fire Company No.2 on Clymer Avenue with Fred Shubert, first Fire Chief. On September 20, Company No.2 was incorporated.

1912 - The first Fire Police elected. On April 12 the company placed an order for a Broadway-LaFrance Chemical engine at a cost of $2,800, and the first step in the complete modernization of the company was under way. During this year the company began collecting newspapers on a monthly basis as a fundraiser. This would continue for many years to come.

1916 - On August 26, the new motor chemical engine was dedicated with formal public demonstrations. The truck cost $3000 and was made by La France Chemical Engine Company of Elmira, N.Y.

1918 - Fire Company No.2 consolidated with No.1, and the two companies became the official Sellersville Fire Department.

1919 - Sellersville Fire Department hosted the Bucks County Firemen’s Parade.

1920 - During this year, an electric fire siren was installed on the roof of the Odd Fellows Temple Building.

1925 - The Ladies Auxiliary, with the approval of the department, purchased the land on North Main Street where the present firehouse is located.

1926 – A Hahn Chemical 500 Gallon per Minute pumper was purchased.

1936 – A hand drawn hose cart was placed in Old City Hall on Independence Square in Philadelphia and is presently on display in the Fireman’s Hall in Philadelphia.

1938 – A 500 Gallon per Minute Ford Pumper was housed as Sellersville celebrated the 200th Anniversary of its founding, and the fire company hosted the Bucks County Firemen’s Parade.

Late 1930’s - The Sellersville Fire Department began offering its annual carnival in nearby Lake Lenape Park. The carnival would eventually be moved to the lot behind the firehouse.

1942 - The Fire Company mortgage is burned.

1948 - A Hahn 750 Gallon per Minute Pumper was placed into service.

1949 - On June 10-11, the 36th Annual Convention and Parade of the Bucks County Firemen’s Association was hosted jointly by the Sellersville and Perkasie Fire Departments.

1953 - A GMC - John Bean 500 Gallon per Minute High Pressure pumper was purchased.

1956 - An International 2250 Gallon tanker arrived for duty.

1958 - An International Special Service was placed into service.

1961 - An International- John Bean 750 pr Minute High pressure pumper was added to the fleet.

1964 - Sellersville Fire Department celebrated its anniversary by hosting the Bucks County Firemen’s Parade and dedicated the addition to the apparatus room, upstairs kitchen, cloak room, and storage area.

1967 - A Custom International- John Bean 750 Gallon Per Minute High Pressure Pumper arrived for service.

1974 - The Sellersville Fire Department hosted the Bucks County Firemen’s Parade and acquired a 100-foot American LaFrance Ladder truck from the Elkins Park Fire Company and placed into service a custom John Bean 750 Gallon per Minute High Pressure Pumper.

1978 - A 3500 Gallon GMC - Four Guys tanker was added to the fleet.

1985 -A Spartan - FMC 1250 Gallon per Minute High Pressure Pumper was added to a growing fleet of equipment. The Sellersville Fire Department hosted the Bucks County Firemen’s Parade.

1988 - On June 11 the Sellersville Fire Department hosted the Bucks County Firemen’s Parade to celebrate the fire department’s 100th Anniversary and the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the Borough of Sellersville.

June 26, 1988 - One of the largest fires in the history of Upper Bucks County occurred. “The Great Fire of ‘88”, in neighboring Perkasie Borough, destroyed three blocks of downtown historical buildings. Sellersville’s assistance was needed to help battle this inferno.

Mid-Year 1988-ANewSpartan-FMC 1500 - Gallon Per Minute Pumper was delivered to the department.

July 25, 1996 - After several asbestos removal projects prior to this date, the 1927 building was completely razed to make way for the construction of a new firehouse and creek culvert.

May 31, 1997 - The new firehouse was dedicated with a parade and open house to celebrate the event. The department had moved into its new headquarters previously in March.

August 1998 - The department repurchased its 1938 Ford Pumper that it had sold around 1959. Over the next several years, a fund would be started to help restore the truck for historical purposes.

1999 - Throughout the year, the department helped host events for the celebration of the Borough of Sellersville’s 125th anniversary of incorporation.

February 28, 1999 - The department’s West Rockhill Substation (Station 87), which had been opened in 1979, was closed due to costs, lack of volunteers, and response time efficiency.

Autumn 1999 - The first official Internet website for the department ( was opened by web master Joseph McDonald.

November 17, 1999 - Engine 27-1 (a 1988 FMC truck) crashed, severely injuring two and wounding six Sellersville volunteer firemen. The accident happened en route to a West Rockhill Township barn fire.

October 13, 2000 - Life-long department member, former Fire Chief and department President, long-time Sellersville Mayor and community leader Joseph E. “Poppa Joe” Hufnagle, Sr., died.

October 14-18, 2000 - The Sellersville Museum hosted a special exhibit honoring the history of the department and the Ladies Auxiliary, featuring artifacts loaned from members of the department and from “Poppa Joe’s” private collection. A permanent exhibit would be in development at the museum over the next three years.

April 9, 2001 - An evening storm with 80 m.p.h. winds caused serious damage to the firehouse roof and bay doors. Public use of the building resumed after repairs were completed nearly eight months later.

April 12, 2001 - After a year and a half of community support, a new Engine 27-1 arrived at the firehouse.

September 11, 2001 - Terrorist attacks on United States soil resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. National public support of America’s fire fighters was in evidence.

Autumn 2001 - The department’s “Firemen’s Grove” was renamed “Poppa Joe’s Grove,” in memory of Joseph E. Hufnagle, Sr.

May 2002 - The department’s 1953 GMC Pumper and 1956 International Utility Fire Truck were sold.

June 15, 2002 - The new Engine 27-1 is housed, with a parade and a ceremony to mark the occasion.

August 19, 2006 - The new Tower 27 is housed, with a parade and a ceremony to mark the occasion.

June 14, 2011 - Ageing Engine 27 was replaced with a 2010 E-One Typhoon Pumper titled Wagon 27 (Engine 27). The short wheelbase truck was placed first out for all working fires, investigations, and alarm systems. Engine 27-1 remained the first out piece for all automotive accidents, rescues and vehicle fires.

Spetember 13, 2011 - The 1978 GMC-Four Guys Tanker, is officially retired.

June 8, 2013 - The Sellersville Volunteer Fire Department will be celebrating its 125th anniversary along with the Sellersville borough’s 175 anniversary. 

May 2015 - Due to mechanical pump issues, the 1971 Dodge Power Wagon, is officially retired.

June 2015 - A new 2015 GMC Sierra Truck is delivered. Designated as “Utility 27.”

A List of Past Fire Chiefs that Served Sellersville:

Charles N. Cressman (first Chief of Company No.1-1888)
Fred Shubert
(first Chieof CompanNo.2 1911)
Micahel Callahan
Hysler J. Zane
Charles Daub
Frank Althouse
B. Havey Smith
Frank H. “Mike” Hallman
William G. Taylor
Herman F. Winzer
William E. Steeley
Philip Coll
Joseph E. “Poppa Joe” Hufnagle, Sr.
Harry J. McElhare, Sr.
Thomas C. Hufnagle
Craig A. Wilhelm
John W. Hufnagle
Donald J. Wilson
Harry J. McElhare, Jr.
John Lindsay
Raymond Brennan

Researched and Written by Timothy D. HufnagleJames D. Steeleand Mary Steeley of the Sellersville Historical and Achievement Authority.